2014 Chinese Fashion ICON In The Past 20 years
2010 Fashion Icon of the Decade Award
2009 Asian Fashion Icon Award
2006 HK’s Top Ten Fashion Stars Award
2005 Most Valuable Personality in TV Advertisement
2005 Top Ten Platinum Singles Award
2005 The No. 1 Chinese Idol Award
2005 Top Ten Actors of the Year
2005 Top Ten Most Popular TV Stars
2004 Actor with the Most Outstanding Appearance
2004 HK-Shanghai Fashion Icon of the Year
2004 Top of the Pop Charts Chinese Idol of the Year
2004 Best Fashion Model of the Year
2003 Soho’s Top Ten Red-Hot Stars Award
2002 Most Popular Actor Award
2001 Most Fashionable Actor Award
2000 Outstanding New Musical Artist Award
1999 Fashion Model’s Life Time Achievement Award
1992 The Ultimate Model Achievement Award
1991 China’s Top Male Model Award